Welcome to Svenska Terrierklubben

Svenska Kennelklubben, SKK, administers our membership list. To become a member of Svenska Terrierklubben, please send an email to medlem@skk.se with information about your full name and address. You will receive a payment slip and instructions on how to pay your membership fee.


First year new members in Sweden: €15 / 150 SEK
Terrierjuniors 13 – 25 years in Sweden: €15 / 150 SEK
Individual member in Sweden: €29 / 290 SEK
Familymember in Sweden: €9 / 90 SEK
Member living abroad: €35 / 350 SEK


As a member you will receive the club’s newsletter TERRIER-POSTEN published four times a year.


The club today aims to

  • inform about The Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) and the The Swedish Terrier Club (SvTeK), their goals, organisation and their way of working
  • inform about the different terrier breeds
  • inform about breeding matters in accordance with SKK’s Code of ethics
  • actively follow the development of the terrier breeds in Sweden as well as abroad
  • educate instructors, dog owners and their dogs so that the characteristics of the different breeds can be of practical use
  • work out rules for hunting and working tests as well as educate and authorize judges for these test in accordance with SKK’s Code of ethics
  • arrange tests and shows (The shows are organized by the regional clubs and the breed clubs
  • support and assist SKK in their research programs
  • take part in consultation within and outside of the SKK organisation
  • publish a members’ magazine 4 times per year

To achieve these goals much of the club’s work is delegated to a number of committees.


How It All Started

In 1903 the Foxterrier club was founded in Sweden. It was evident already at their inaugural meeting i Gothenburg that it was going to be a very efficient club. Apart from setting up a board, they made a decision about the club emblem, they earmarked money for buying puppies to be raffled among the members and decided to arrange a dog show with an earthdog test the following year.

Finally, two foxterrier bitches which had been donated to the club, were raffled. Every member was obliged to recruit one new member in order to promote the establishing of the foxterrier in Sweden. Mr Gustaf Håkansson was the head of the club during the first ten years.

After a conflict with the Swedish Kennel Club, The Swedish Foxterrier club took the drastic step in 1912 to give up the affilitation with SKK. The reason being that the Foxterrier club only used competitive judging while SKK preferred judging the overall quality of each dog entered and award it the grade it merited. But the club returned in 1913.

The foxterrier was inimitably the largest breed, but after action from SKK the Swedish Terrier Club was founded in 1912. Its first chaiman was count Fabian Wrede. The Foxterrier club was still considered to be the special club and was surely the most important of the two clubs.

In 1915 it was noticable that the interest in the foxterrier lost ground to other breeds, not mainly terriers, but the Foxterrier club still got more publicity than the Terrier club. In the end the uniting of the two had to happen and on November 27, 1925 the union was a fact.

The first decade was not so succesful, but after that and due to legendary terriermen like Gösta Lindhé and Björn von Rosen The Swedish Terrier Club had after a fumbling start established itself in ”canine Sweden”.